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Why linksXchange?


Just choose your industry and plugin one line to your website header, done!


All work is fully automatic, you don't need to maintain or update anything


It's 100% free, no credit cards needed and even registration is not required

How it works

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Quality backlinks

linksXchange sets your links on real websites, of actual companies and with active users

SEO booster

linksXchange provides your backlinks with anchor texts of top keywords in your industry

Penalty/SEO safe

linksXchange is not just swapping links between two users, but mixes the users and anchor texts to prevent penalties

Fair system

You get as many backlinks in other sites as the number of others that your plugin displayed on your site

Dynamic backlinks

Anchor texts and the links locations are changing per search engine crawl what increases your SEO ranking

Your control

Everything is done automatically, your can remove the plugin from your site at any time, no questions asked


LinksXchange has got several advanced features to enhance your results

Share multiple links

You can configure your app to share more than one link (the default is one) per page and also control the link location (the default is at the bottom of the page). Each link you share gains you a link on someone else page, which means that you may want to share as many link as possible. LinksXchange impose a limitation of 5 links per page.

To implement, add an element

<div class="linksXchangeContainer"> placeholder </div>
in any location you want to place a linksXchange link. You can change the placeholder to fill the place until the link is loaded

Limit the anchor text length

You can control the size of anchor texts on your page by choosing the lenght you prefer, anchor texts will get trimmed accordingly. Note we impose a minimum of 16 letters and maximum of 32 letters. The default length is 32.

To implement, change the dataLimit attribute in your script tag:

dataLimit = "X"
values accepted are: 0 for min, 9999 for max or any number between 16 to 32

Stylesheet design

You can control the look and feel of the linksXchange links shared on your page. LinksXchange is embedding links in two classes -linksXchangeContainer and linksXchange_URL

To implement, download our base CSS sample file and change you attributes accordingly. Make sure you use the !important tag, otherwise default values will overrule.

Industry scope

By default, your site is shared only by sites in your industry, and is sharing only sites in your industry. You can widen the scope of industry to share and get shared by all sites.

To implement, change the dataIndustry attribute in your script tag to:

dataIndustry = "all"
Your domain will now be shared in all websites and will share all websites even outside of your industry

Language scope

By default, your site is shared only by sites that share the same language like you, and is sharing only sites that use your language. but you can control the language of your page.

You can't change this attribute, it is designed to make sure that sites are shared only by sites that use the same language

Adult / rated / porno sites

Sites which are rated or include adult content are automatically banned from our network. This is designed in order to guarantee the integrity of our network.

You can't change this attribute, if your site is banned unjustified or your want to report another site, please contact us. Banned sites receive a "msg" to the browser network window.

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